Our Team

Meet the Tablet Command team!


Van served the Stockton Fire Department from 1997 through 2014, when he retired as a Battalion Chief. Throughout his career, he was active in the development and delivery of Fire Service training with a focus on Urban Search and Rescue (US&R), and Emergency Planning and Management. Serving as a subject matter expert during the 2004 revision of the FIRESCOPE Operational System Description for US&R, and a member of the curriculum development team for the California US&R system, Van developed a global perspective related to the needs of the fire service. When initially exposed to Tablet Command, he was skeptical about the solution and relevance to the needs of his organization. As one of Tablet Command’s first Enterprise Users, his skepticism quickly became advocacy. Following his retirement, Van joined the Tablet Command team in a customer support/success role, and was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer by the Board in May of 2017.


Andy has 18 years of experience in the fire service both in California and in Washington State. He is currently a Captain in Contra Costa County. Andy has a visionary mind and has provided many of the conceptual aspects that are foundational to Tablet Command. Andy is passionate about continuing to improve the Tablet Command solution, first and foremost by using it in the field, learning from other users’ experience, and getting the word out. Prior to working in the fire service Andy was a teacher. Follow Andy and read more of his ideas on LinkedIn.


Will began in the fire service in 1998 and serves in Contra Costa County as a Captain / Paramedic on an engine. He has had an iPad with him on the fire engine since early 2012. Will is passionate about fire communications systems, computer networking, database systems, computer programming and bringing mobile technology to the fire service. He is commonly sought after for technology advice by his department. Will received a degree in information systems and has previously served as Communications Center Manager.


More than 17 years professional programming experience. Marius has been with the team since the first line of code in April 2012. His experience ranges from linux system administrator, PHP, mySQL, Postgres, Sybase/SQL Server, C#, .net, Hadoop via Asure, and a broad web and mobile technologies. More recently, he has been focusing on Objective-C and Node.js.