In App Audio is a new feature available in version 3.5 of Tablet Command and TC Mobile applications for iOS.  When enabled and configured for an account, multiple audio streams can be quickly played for additional situational awareness when users are away from the radio.  We support using currently available audio streams, and also offer a TC Streaming service for the highest quality, lowest latency, most reliable audio streams possible.



InApp Audio

Play Multiple Streams Simulataneously

In App Audio works in Tablet Command and TC Mobile giving all users in the account access to the audio feeds. Users can have as many streams as desired playing simultaneously.  Practically speaking, you can play more streams than you can listen too!


Categorize the Streams

Streams can be grouped logically by type (DISP, CMD, TAC) or regionally like the screen shot .  This makes it easy to find your desired stream in larger, multi agency accounts.



Bring your own stream

If you already have streams hosted in Broadcastify, in house, or with other services, those streams can be added to your account and monitored in Tablet Command and TC Mobile.  The stream needs to have a fixed URL and be made accessible over the internet.  It can also be secured using a variety of methods.

TC In-App Audio Source Options (1)

TC Streaming

  • High-quality streams
  • Low latency ~5 seconds
  • US data centers
  • Simple, economical configuration
  • High availability via multiple regions
  • Supports Private or Public Streams
    • Private Streams for TC Mobile and
      Tablet Command users only
    • Public Streams can be hosted on the department's website or within Pulsepoint
  • Fully scalable to support thousands of listeners
  • Dedicated streaming clusters
  • Full Geographic Failover for High Availability
  • Backed by Tablet Command and streaming engineers 24/7/365
  • Streams can be monitored with alerts per stream
  • Supports additional security per stream if necessary

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