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Tablet Command Enables Firefighters to Respond in Real Time - PubNub - February 25, 2021

Tablet Command, Inc. provides incident management and response software to fire departments across North America. Their aim is to improve situational awareness and accountability to firefighters by helping them quickly and efficiently respond to incidents.


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Lehigh Fire District utilizes revolutionary software to cut-back on response times - Lehigh Acres Citizen - February 10, 2021

In an effort to save more lives and quicken response times, the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District has begun using what is described as revolutionary new software to respond to and manage emergency incidents.

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Meet The Disruptors: William Pigeon of Tablet Command On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry - Authority Magazine - February 13, 2021

Read how Tablet Command is disrupting the Fire Service enhancing situational awareness and Firefighter safety.

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In the Line of Fire - Middlebury Magazine - February 12, 2021

Read about what it's like to be a firefighter in California, when each emergency is more extreme than the last.

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Patch Magazine - Santa Monica Fire Adds Game-Changing Software For Emergencies - January 29 20201

Read about how Santa Monica Fire Department is using Tablet Command for safer and more effective emergency responses.

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Enspire 1.2.001


Enspire Magazine featured Tablet Command as an innovative solution to help fire service professionals track tasks and units on scene of incidents as an alternative to pen and paper solutions that are not dependable.


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California Business Journal - Commanding Presence - December 10, 2020

Founders Andy Bozzo and Will Pigeon talk about the origins and evolution of Tablet Command as an all risk incident management and response tool.



San Jose Mercury News - How to outfox fire: Computer game inspires development of disaster management app for California firefighters

Read how Tablet Command was conceived and is now being used by agencies across California to better and more safely manage major incidents.

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Charlotte INNO - How the Charlotte Fire Department is using one startup's tech to keep firefighters safe - October 9, 2020

Charlotte Inno Journal writes about how Charlotte Fire Department is using Tablet Command for firefighter accountability and tracking.

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the command show podcast - October 5, 2020

Listen as Andoni Kastros, founder of Train Firefighters talks to Tablet Command CEO, Van Riviere, about how Tablet Command supports rapid, effective implementation of ICS and the prevention of “the NIOSH 5”; key to preventing injuries and fatalities on the Fireground, specifically on “Standard”, “Bread and Butter” residential structure fires.

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CNBC - How the U.S. battles forest fires and why more innovation is desperately needed - OCT 3 2020

Tablet Command was featured in this article and video as one of the companies providing innovative solutions to firefighters battling ever larger and more complex wildfires.

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Big Ideas That Might Change The World: “A First Responder Tracking Map” With Andy Bozzo of Tablet Command - September 21, 2020

In an interview with Fortis Georgiadis of Authority Magazine, Tablet Command Co-Founder, Andy Bozzo, talks about the genesis of Tablet Command.

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FireFighting Canada - Tablet Command provides Incident Management Software - September 3, 2020

Tablet Command is used by several Canadian Fire Departments in addition to its customer base in the Unite States.

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GOV TECH - Situational Awareness Software Used by California Firefighters - August 28, 2020

Government Technology magazine article about departments using Tablet Command across California to manage major incidents including COVID response and Wildland Fires.

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