Partners & Friends

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Mutual Aid is good business

Our approach to business is very team oriented. We know that what we offer is so much more powerful when we collaborate with others. We are incredibly proud to work with the companies and non-profits listed here.


The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) embodies the highest level of commitment to firefighter safety and well being, and delivers a deep emotional and financial resource to those left behind by our fallen heroes. In support of their mission, Tablet Command has pledged 1% of total revenue to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in perpetuity. Learn more about this pledge and the important work around fire ground technology that the NFFF is doing please visit our Giving Pledge page.



Firefighter Inspiration Readiness & Education strives to inspire, teach, mentor, and coach firefighters and fire departments in leadership, team building, tactics, command, promotion and innovative ways of thinking that make the fire service more safe, fun and effective.


Around the world, fire agencies of every size deploy Esri maps and perform analysis to transform the way they meet their mission. Everything we do happens on a map. Making the data we have actionable is something that every fire service professional can use—anytime, anywhere. Tablet Command is proud to be an Esri partner and working with them to Improve your planning and collaboration to realize better operational outcomes. Enable faster decision-making for a safer response. Understand situation status for every type of incident.


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X-naut builds cooling and warming cases for Tablets and Phones.  Established in 2017, X-naut was founded by a pilot and owner of an ISO 13485 certified engineering and design company. Their mission is to provide solutions that ensure zero downtime for professionals operating in extreme environments. All X-naut products are meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in California.   Tablet Command has been collaborating with X-naut for several years to help bring cooling case to enhance tablet reliability to the market.


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Genasys Protect is a SaaS-based platform covering more than 70 million citizens across the world. It combines real-time evacuation management, mass notification technology, and acoustic devices for audible alerts to offer a comprehensive preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems portfolio.  Tablet Command users can enable the Genasys EVAC layers from Tablet Command and TC mobile to track the currents status of eval zones even if they are not currently Genasys customers.  Learn More...