Enterprise Service FAQ

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Do we have a User’s Manual?

We have found that the most helpful way to help people learn to use Tablet Command is to show them. We’ve created about 35 short How-To videos that demonstrate how to operate Tablet Command.

Can Tablet Command be used on my iPhone?

Yes! TC Mobile is an iPhone app that provides notifications of CAD incidents directly to your phone. Supports navigation and ongoing CAD updates. See our TC Mobile page for more info.

What features are included in the Pro account?

All enterprise accounts are based on the standalone Tablet Command app and include the app’s core features. Additionally, all enterprise accounts include access to the web portal, Real Time Sync (RTS), device ­based AVL and access to Esri map resources.

What is RTS—Real Time Sync?

Real Time Sync is a collaboration feature that allows any member of a department to “watch” the incident commander work an incident. Every assignment, checklist item, note, or map annotation will be visible from any other iPad in the department.

What is “device ­based AVL”?

Many departments use Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems to track rigs in the field. These systems have been around a long time but are still quite expensive. Tablet Command offers a low cost alliterative by visualizing the location of department iPads on a web ­based map. Tablet Command can also integrate with existing AVL systems. Integration with existing AVL systems will result in a more accurate location.

What is Esri?

Esri invented most of the mapping technology that we take for granted today and continues to be the dominant provider of top tier mapping technology.

How do I know if we have Esri maps?

If your agency has invested in any custom mapping layers over the past 30 years it is more than likely that your map people are using Esri software.

How does Tablet Command integrate with Esri?

Tablet Command enterprise customers can consume and display map information that is hosted in Esri’s cloud product, ArcGIS Online.

Can we connect Tablet Command to our CAD via a Paging system or email?

Yes. CAD integration for the TC Pro Lite service is achieved using one of these methods. Generally this is a simple and effective way to link your CAD to Tablet Command. Because paging fires an incident only once, subsequent information such as second alarms or CAD notes will not be sent to TC. Integration using our Application Programming Interface (API) is a more effective way to connect CAD.

How do we set up a trial?

Setting up a trial is easy. Start by filling out this request form.

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