Quick access to Pre-plans

Tablet Command is the ideal solution for displaying and quickly accessing your agencies Pre-Plans by leveraging ESRI ArcGIS Online in Tablet Command and TC Mobile. You can choose to place pre-plan points directly on the map, attach pdf's and images to points in a feature service, or store the pdf's on device and access with a third party application.  We also integrate with third party pre-plan solutions like First Due and Intterra.



fire department pre plans


From any map view, you can view agency GIS layers including hydrants and pre-plans. Pre Plan's can be stored as pdf's or features like FDC's, Knox boxes, hazards, and ingress points can be displayed directly on the map.  Any agency ESRI based GIS layer can be viewed within Tablet Command.

Deployment Options



Embedded in an ESRI Layer

Detailed PDF or image based Pre Plans can be embedded as attachments in a department specific Esri feature service layer.  Tablet Command offers professional services to create the feature service from existing assets, and train your personnel to add, remove and change the assets.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Secured through Tablet Command
  • No additional user login required
  • No third party application required
  • No cloud or on premise storage required
  • Pre-Plans accessible offline with Esri Offline Maps or Mobile Map Packages 
  • Managed using Esri tools like Arc GIS Online and Field Maps

Points Directly on the Map

Pre-Plan points added directly to an Esri feature service layer can be accessed directly directly on user maps.  Users can tap on the icons to access additional details for things like gate codes, or premise hazard notes.

  • Direct visibility of Pre-Plan points like FDC's, shut-offs, Knox box locations etc.
  • Points accessible offline with Esri Offline Maps or Mobile Map Packages
  • Ideal for first in companies to quickly see the location of key building features
  • No pdf's to sync or manage
  • Manage points with Esri solutions like Arc GIS Online and Field Maps

Stored on Device

Pre plans can be synced to end user devices using third party applications like GoodReader or File Browser Pro, and then accessed from a feature service configured to launch the third party app and display the pre-plan.

  • Secure password protected storage
  • No additional user login required
  • Pre-Plans accessible offline with Esri Offline Maps or Mobile Map Packages
  • Pre-Plans on device stay updated through automated syncronization

Direct Link

Uses can link directly to Pre-Plans stored in public facing cloud solutions like Google drive, or Amazon S3.

  • Simple, easy to configure solution
  • Security by Obscurity, but no user login is required
  • Requires an Internet connection to access Pre-Plans


Tablet Command supports popular third-party Pre-Plan solutions ArcGIS like First Due and Intterra.  Typically these solutions involve publishing a feature layer from the Pre-Plan provider into Esri, and sharing that with the Tablet Command customer specific Arc GIS Online group.

Next Steps


If you are an existing customer please email for help configuring your pre-plan implementation, or to integrate with third party solutions.  Our GIS support team will work with your GIS resources on the best solution for your department.

If you are new to Tablet Command and evaluating it as a possible solution for your agency, you can email to setup a demo or use the link below to setup a demo or technical consult.  Be sure to ask us about the different strategies we support and how we might help your team access Pre-Plan rapidly and easily. 


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